"Tethers your Android phone to computer for full internet access."

Not having internet access on your home computer is frustrating. Now with PDAnet you can easily solve this problem. PDAnet allows internet access over your phones 3G service. You can use either a USB or Bluetooth connection to tether your computer. USB connections are able to download up to 35mbps. Free trial to use the software. After free trial is over, you can still used the software although you will lose the ability to connect to secure servers such as banks and sites that require a secure login using the https:// protocol. If you want to access those secure sites after the trial, you will have to pay $29. Another option would be to download and install Wired Tethering for Root user. Wired Tethering for Root user allows the same functions as PDAnet but does not have the $29 fee. However, you must root your phone to be able to use it. If you prefer not to root your phone, then PDAnet is still one of the best options. I have PDAnet on my Android and find it extremely simple to use. I did eventually pay for the full version, however I only paid $15 when it was on sale. Still a little high but I have found it worth the money because of how much I need to use it.

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